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His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah today conveyed his optimism over the next phase asserting that it will witness a comprehensive change in the course of the country, and the method and style of raising issues and tackling them.

In a meeting with the editors in chief of Kuwaiti local dailies at Bayan Palace His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Said "that we are lagging behind and it is high time we concentrated on our country and become an example to others" indicating that Kuwait possesses "the funds, the aptitude and an informative people" present at the meeting was H.E the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. His Highness explained that he was dissatisfied with the level of performance of government agencies that do not carry out their duties in the required manner out of apprehension of all round accusations of discrimination.

His Highness confirmed that the political movement in Kuwait is a positive aspect and an indication of the vitality of the Kuwaiti society which "we hope will continue". However, he pointed that this movement should contribute to driving the development process not impeding it.

His Highness alluded to what is known as the majority bloc in the national assembly who was unsuccessful, explaining that the philosophy of the Kuwaiti constitution does not favor there being a majority in the government or the national assembly "as the parliamentary majority hampers motions and the government majority does not encourage proficiency in decision making and the implementation of positive steps"

His Highness emphasized that conflicting opinions "is a healthy sign" and is in the interest of all, but we must not exacerbate our differences to this extent and severity, resulting in exchanging accusations of treachery and widespread animosity.

His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak explained that the government having resorted to the constitutional court was to look into the constitutionality of the constituencies and the number of votes "the court then ruled that both were constitutional".

He added that His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah was at that time "watching and observing the abnormal situation and it could not go on".

He mentioned that His Highness' perception and opinion at that time was that change would ease the severity of many rallies and coalitions; particularly that His Highness had consulted with a number of specialists and constitutional experts.

He also added that "everyone agreed that change would be legal and constitutional, therefore, His Highness saw fit to issue a decree of necessity in case elections were held according to the five electoral constituencies and the four votes which would bring us back to square one".

He said it was for this reason that people were confused over the reason the government had resorted to the constitutional court then withdrew its ruling and took another decision" alluding to the decree of necessity related to calling for elections issued by His Highness the Amir.

Speaking to the editors in chief, His Highness emphasized that the media plays a major role in developed societies" and we must channel it well in the interest of our country and people" he added "you are responsible before Allah and the country and it is your responsibility to point out our oversights, while we do not accept praise for our accomplishments as it is our duty.

In the same context, His Highness affirmed that the media "today could transform a defeat into a victory and vice versa, and could raise or lower moral; therefore you have huge responsibilities particularly since the media is the line of defence for the country".

Responding to a question about matters that hinder the development process, His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak confirmed that the next phase will witness a new economic surge indicating that there are a number of vital development projects that have been effectively endorsed.

His Highness emphasized that he will not permit any official or employee to hamper any of these projects that would compel Kuwait to pay the price for their violations.

As for the government's role in encouraging citizens to vote at the next elections, His Highness said that it is the government's duty to encourage voters to choose their representatives and not give way to those who call for boycotting the elections.

He explained that His Highness the Amir appealed to citizens in most of his speeches to participate in the voting process out of His Highness' concern for the interest of Kuwait. His Highness the Prime Minister hoped that citizens heeded His Highness' appeal.

Further more" we have experienced such opposition in the past" when women's political rights were ratified in 2005, some claimed that women's participation in the political scene would undermine democracy in Kuwait, however, history has proven the contrary.

His Highness asserted that the transformation would prove its credibility through the quality of parliament, pointing that a number of candidates have plausible issues that will achieve high hopes for the future of Kuwait and its people.

Responding to a query over criminalizing the boycotting of elections, His Highness refuted any resolutions that criminalized those who choose to boycott elections or call for their boycott, explaining that criminalizing would be applicable only to those who prevent others from voting.

His Highness hoped that the rate of participation in the elections would" enable us to push ahead with the democratic process' pointing that in the beginning there were claims that citizens would refrain from standing for elections. "But in fact there were a considerable number of candidates".

With relation to the frequently circulated topic of popular decree-laws, His Highness clarified that there were resolutions made concerning these projects however, he mentioned that costly draft laws would have to be submitted to the national assembly before the government could issue them.

His Highness indicated that amongst the laws that were not ratified in spite of its importance is the small projects law which was not on the priorities list of the previous national assembly" and we are intent" on cooperating with the legislature in endorsing this law "swiftly".

Concerning the rumour that was circulated about the resignation of the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Housing Affairs Anas Al-Saleh, His Highness said that he considered it appropriate to accept his resignation at such a sensitive stage incase his presence in the government would be inapt.

Responding to a question on Wasta which is prevalent in some ministries and ministry departments like the department of treatment abroad in the Ministry of Health and selecting students in the police academy and so on., His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak emphasized that the government and political leadership interact equally with all citizens as we are one people for better or for worse. He explained that the decision to send a medical case abroad for treatment comes following medical approval the same goes for selecting students to enroll in the police academy or the armed forces which requires assessment by specialized commissions without discrimination or courtesy.

As for the new sports amendment decree that limited the role of the Public Authority for Youth and Sports to expenditures only, His Highness clarified that these amendments are a result of His Highness the Amir's interest in youth and sport, and Kuwait's participation in the international sports arena especially since the Arabian Gulf tournament is drawing near.

On the government's approval of Karamat Watan 3 protest rally after having prohibited it in the first instance, His Highness said that the ban was because the rally was "unauthorized" however, when the organizers of the rally followed the correct procedures and requested authorization, it was consequently granted to them after imposing regulations on rallies and getting guarantees from the organizers. His Highness asserted that this procedure is implemented in all developed countries and that the ministry of interior will provide protection for the participants as long as they abide by the law.

In response to a question blaming the shortcomings solely on the national assembly not the government, His Highness Sheikh Jaber AL-Mubarak acknowledged the deficiencies in the government action and shortcomings in its performance affirming that there will be no negligence or considerations at the expense of Kuwait from this day forward.

Further more, responding to a question on the role of youths in the upcoming phase,

His Highness asserted the importance of youths and benefiting from their efforts in growth and development, considering them the true wealth of Kuwait and urging the necessity for creating a ministry for youth in the next government to deal with their affairs and needs.

On the privatization of some government bodies and institutes, His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak explained that there is a tendency towards privatizing some ministries and institutes to improve and facilitate their functions.

His Highness saw it necessary that the next government incorporates impartial decision makers, although during the last government formation he pointed that "I invited some national assembly deputies to participate, yet they declined sighting completely unjustifiable excuses".

Responding to a question related to the necessity of devoting attention to the ministry of health, His Highness confirmed that there are many projects of interest to citizens and it is acting to improve health services "which we are keen to implement and follow up through serious mechanisms".

He stressed that the government was committed to the advancement of the ministry of education, stressing that this ministry's output is the driving force behind other ministries towards development which hugely benefits the State.

His Highness emphasized that the government is keen to support the private sector "and support Kuwaiti companies and company owners who contribute to building the State" reflecting the government’s awareness of the importance of the private sector and the necessity of bolstering its role in development.

His Highness agreed with the desire of the chiefs of Kuwaiti newspapers over the importance of holding regular meetings and consulting with them on the performance of the government and its various institutes, as well as keeping in constant contact for the benefit of all, stressing the important role of the Kuwaiti media and its institutes.

Concerning the Dow investigation results, His Highness explained that the investigation committee is close to preparing its final report, the report will highlight the causes and those responsible for squandering the money and hold them accountable.

Answering a question over His Highness the Amir undertaking the responsibility of tackling the friction witnessed in Kuwait of late and the absence of a government role, His Highness explained that the government is acting according to the directives and instructions of His Highness the Amir which he evaluates with his characteristic wisdom and shrewdness in the interest of the country and its people as" we are the government of His Highness the Amir and his executive arm".

With relation to the rumors circulating about the Muslim brotherhood interfering in the internal affairs of the country, His Highness said "we respect this group which has a presence in Kuwait and we hope they live up to the trust of the Kuwaiti people since the interest of Kuwait is above all considerations'.

Responding to a rumor spread by some over Qatar's role in supporting various members of the opposition and inciting them against the government, His Highness confirmed that this was inaccurate conveying his conviction that the Amir, government and people of Qatar support Kuwait and wish it the best" His Highness the Amir asserted this".

As for the government's intention to cancel loans or drop their interest, His Highness explained that this matter is difficult to achieve and is unfair to some citizens, the report of the economic committee and the central bank confirmed this.

Answering a question published over the truth of an approach towards increasing rent allowance, His Highness said that such a matter will be examined "But we have to set certain precepts to protect citizens from the exploitation of real estate owners by raising rents".

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